Latest Appraisal

At our last appraisal, we had 39 total excellent cows out of 120 cows. We have bred 19 excellent Premiers to date, including Hawarden Premier Jody EX-92, Hawarden Premier Pixy Ex-92, and Hawarden Premier Beauty EX-92 (owned by David McCleskey).


Bulls in AI

Hawarden Impuls Premier 29JE3756 at ABS

Hawarden Impuls Pix 29JE3747 at ABS

Hawarden Golda Priceless 7JE1249 at Select Sires

Hawarden Dimension Pilgrim 7JE1270 at Select Sires

Jace Pix also has a son from River Valley Farms named River Valley Pix Prestige-P-ET 7JE5031 at Select Sires.

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