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Keeping Tradition Alive through Adaptation

Keeping a multi-generation farm alive and selling a multi-generation farm are both difficult. A while ago, I spoke with the owner of the oldest family farm in Idaho. (The photo above is a picture he sent me of an aerial view.) Michael Porter's family first started farming in Idaho when James Haworth came in 1861... Continue Reading →

Fewer but Bigger Farms

Nearly ever time I tell someone my family has a farm, I have to answer a set of questions: What kind? Do you milk the cows by hand? How big is it? How many cows are there? We have a dairy farm of Jerseys. We don't milk our cows by hand, and I never milk... Continue Reading →

Fifty Years at Hawarden Jerseys

Today is my Grandpa Nielsen's 84th birthday. The man and his handshake are legends to me and I suspect to others. This month also commemorates the 50th year he and my grandma have lived on the farm in Weston, Idaho. Before that, the farm was in the Salt Lake Valley. And on June 25, my... Continue Reading →

Increasing Need for Food, Decreasing Number of Farmers

My great-great-grandfather Frederik Nielsen came to the United States from Denmark in 1891. He was following his brother who had gone out a little earlier, and together they hoped to make money in California. But the gold rush was over, and they ended up in Utah. They worked hard for others, and they eventually earned the money […]

Not All Farm Kids Grow Up to Be Farmers

When I was at my brother's high school graduation last month, I looked at the 44 students sitting on the stage, and I had a few thoughts. (Don't scoff. My graduating class was 35 students. It's called small Idaho farming communities.) I pondered just how many of these students grew up on farms, worked on... Continue Reading →

National Dairy Month

June marks the beginning of summertime, and it is my opinion that the best summertime treat is ice cream. No question. According to the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA), the average American eats about 22 pounds of ice cream each year. Can't blame 'em. And the IDFA reports that June is the highest production month... Continue Reading →

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